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peer pressure

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peer pressureˈpeer ˌpressure noun [uncountable]  SSSAMEa strong feeling that you must do the same things as other people of your age if you want them to like you Teenagers often start smoking because of peer pressure.
Examples from the Corpus
peer pressureCarl Gunnersley, defending Khan, said his behaviour was also affected by drink and peer pressure.And they are given interpersonal strategies to avoid peer pressure to make these unhealthy choices.However, unsophisticated people should not let peer pressure push them into a fad.A lot of kids start drinking because of peer pressure.In part, the growth of peer pressure will result from revolutionary changes in pay practices.Any lack of required work effort by an individual will affect the immediate group bonus and so peer pressure can be significant.They discovered spectator peer pressure, fans nudging recalcitrant neighbors to participate.First, there was the peer pressure from my colleagues.
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