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peeragepeer‧age /ˈpɪərɪdʒ $ ˈpɪr-/ noun  1 the peerage2 [countable]PG the rank of a British peer
Examples from the Corpus
peerageIn February 1921 he gave up office and soon afterwards he accepted a peerage and retired from active politics.Mo Mowlam, the retiring Cabinet Office minister, is believed to have refused a peerage.Members of the House of Lords sat by virtue of birth, holding hereditary peerages.I earn my first of these by commenting that there were a few raised eyebrows when his peerage was announced last June.With union, new peerages came into being.Both acts are morally wrong - Edward should not have abused his divine right and curried favour by dishing out peerages.Prior to union, each kingdom had its own peerage.
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