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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeerlesspeer‧less /ˈpɪələs $ ˈpɪr-/ adjective  BETTER written better than any other syn incomparable the peerless blues musician B.B. King
Examples from the Corpus
peerlessB.B. King's peerless blues guitar playingA peerless champion of his own era, he had been reduced to an ineffectual has-been by the modern gunslingers.Great perils lay before them, and some of them paid with their lives for drinking that peerless elixir.No wonder the prose is not so peerless in our morning newspapers.Through its peerless network of contacts the firm obtained a pre-broadcast copy of the series.I've started reading your column in the Sunday Express but that won't satisfy my insatiable appetite for your peerless wit.
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