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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeevedpeeved /piːvd/ adjective informal  ANNOYannoyedpeeved at Peeved at his silence, she left.
Examples from the Corpus
peevedA moment later the beautiful young man from Gasset and Lode came out, looking peeved.It both peeved and amused me.I dare say a few prize juries might be peeved at having their judgment queried, too.As the bedroom door closed, Googol adopted a peeved expression and pretended great interest in a fingernail.Geoffrey was peeved she spent so much time in Meredith's company.In any case, Ned's a bit peeved so you'd better go in and see him.Murray is peeved that the club did not offer him a new contract.He was obviously peeved that we'd squared it with the music teacher while he didn't know anything about it.I was peeved to see Robert Kilroy-Silk credited with inventing the egg trick in a recent colour supp. profile.
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