Date: 1400-1500
Origin: Probably from Middle Dutch pegge


1 noun
Related topics: Music, Outdoor
peg1 [countable]

short stick

DHH a short piece of wood, metal, or plastic that is attached to a wall or fits into a hole, used especially to hang things on or to fasten things together:
Sarah hung her coat on the peg.
a table fitted together with pegs
a pattern made with coloured pegs on a board

hanging wet clothes

British English a small plastic or wooden object used to fasten wet clothes to a thin rope to dry [= clothespeg; = clothespin AmE]


DLO a pointed piece of wood or metal that you push into the ground in order to keep a tent in the correct position

take/bring somebody down a peg (or two)

to make someone realize that they are not as important or skilled as they think they are:
Evans is an arrogant bully who needs taking down a peg or two.

musical instrument

APM a wooden screw used to make the strings of a violin, guitar etc tighter or looser [= tuning peg]

a peg to hang something on

British English something that is used as a reason for doing, discussing, or believing something:
As a peg to hang it on, the tournament had the 100th anniversary of Nehru's birth.


British English old-fashioned a small amount of strong alcoholic drink, especially whisky or brandy

➔ square peg in a round hole

at square1 (12)

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