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pelvispel‧vis /ˈpelvɪs/ noun [countable]  skeleton.jpg HBthe set of large wide curved bones at the base of your spine, to which your legs are joined
Examples from the Corpus
pelvisThe scapula and pelvis were broken, but they may have been broken already in the pellet.If a camel slid and fell, it could easily break pelvis or limb and that would be the end of it.Lynne Deeley suffered a crushed pelvis, multiple fractures to her leg, a broken ankle and head injuries.I felt my pelvis lifting off the ground.Suddenly, I felt something hard, something like a stick, pressing into my pelvis.Stretching up with hands interlinked, tilt the pelvis and hold for 5 counts. 3.You may even be asked your shoe size, which is thought to give an indication of the size of your pelvis.
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