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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpenchantpen‧chant /ˈpɒnʃɒn, ˈpentʃənt $ ˈpentʃənt/ noun   a/somebody’s penchant for something
Examples from the Corpus
penchantHis friendship with Fujimori gives him unusual access to a president with a tiny circle of advisers and a penchant for secrecy.A hip-hop beat, more tattoos than a biker bar, and a penchant to take every shot.Their defense played superbly, but they still showed an astonishing penchant for careless mistakes.I miss her intellect, her passion, her courage and her penchant for mainlining our nerves.He carried his penchant for secrecy to great lengths.Otaka's penchant is for the post-Wagnerian Romantics, particularly Strauss, three of whose works he conducted.These two raccoon-eyed psychos have lost none of their no-holds-barred energy or their penchant for writing catchy melodies.
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