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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpendingpend‧ing1 /ˈpendɪŋ/ ●○○ preposition formal  WAITwhile waiting for something, or until something happens Sales of the drug have been stopped, pending further research.
Examples from the Corpus
pendingThe victim's identity is being withheld pending notification of relatives.
pendingpending2 adjective  1 formalDECIDE not yet decided or settled Many trade disputes are pending, awaiting the outcome of the talks.2 formalSOON something that is pending is going to happen soon the pending election3 pending file/tray
Examples from the Corpus
pendingFuneral arrangements are pending.Sir Antony revealed a number of bids from interested parties were under consideration and a Sola announcement was pending.Conditions on the granting of bail may be imposed by the magistrates' court on defendants against whom charges are pending.I think that I am right in saying that regulation 3 provides that the changes will not affect pending applications for review.His suit, still pending, elicited howls from farmers and sugar-cane growers.A pretty grey-eyed woman was being held, pending enquiries.Relevant proceedings are pending if they are in progress at the date the application for a care or supervision order is filed.News of the Romans and the pending invasion was probably brought in by the merchants.More employees are likely to lose jobs in the pending merger.At the time of the list's publication, business was still pending over three of the son-in-law's colleagues.
From Longman Business Dictionarypendingpend‧ing1 /ˈpendɪŋ/ preposition formal while waiting for something, or until something happensA decision has been delayed pending further inquiries.pendingpending2 adjective1formal not yet decided or settledTwo lawsuits remain pending against the company.If a company has applied for a patent, it can put ‘ patent pending ’ on the product it wants to patent.2formal something that is pending is going to happen soonThe bank said its poor performance would not affect its pending merger.3pending file/trayOFFICE a place for putting papers, letters etc that have not yet been dealt withThe messages have all been placed in his pending file.
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