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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpenetrativepen‧e‧tra‧tive /ˈpenətrətɪv $ -treɪtɪv/ adjective  1 penetrative sex2 ENTERable to get into or through something easily penetrative missiles3 UNDERSTANDshowing an ability to understand things quickly and completely penetrative observations
Examples from the Corpus
penetrativeThis is because thick lithosphere will tend to be more resistant to the effects of heat conduction and penetrative magmatism.Andy Saville, a bargain £150,000 buy from Hartlepool last season, was the player to prosper from Peschisllibo's penetrative play.The gunpowder weapons may have a lower range but their extra penetrative power makes them especially useful against heavily armoured foes.a penetrative thinker
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