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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpenitentialpen‧i‧ten‧tial /ˌpenəˈtenʃəl◂/ adjective formal  SORRY/APOLOGIZErelating to being sorry for having done something wrong penitential journeys to famous shrines
Examples from the Corpus
penitentialIt's a priest's penitential chain to be worn around the waist against the skin.From the end of the period of the Kings, public penitential festivals were a frequent necessity.And alas, I thought, my penitential journey over, they didn't do it separately in the first place.a penitential journey to a holy shrineDevotion in the Middle Ages was often expressed by means of penitential journeys to famous shrines.There are extraordinarily vivid and exuberant pictures which are countered by others which have an almost penitential mood to them.
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