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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpennantpen‧nant /ˈpenənt/ noun [countable]  1 SSOTTa long narrow pointed flag used on ships or by schools, sports teams etc2 the pennant
Examples from the Corpus
pennantThey waved Cowboys flags, signs and pennants.He under-estimated his side's dominance by two years, as Surrey held the champions' pennant from 1952-58.Attached to the sack was a length of pennant rigging, which he left adrift within reach of the opening chute.You can buy cigarettes, potato chips, Ravens pennants, Styrofoam ice chests and snow shovels.Red ammunition aims for red pennant and yellow for yellow.I was hiding, working my way round to the Orchard to try for the pennant in there.And on the pennant, perfectly clear, the single letter: W, for Winslow.Your individual objective is to secure one of those pennants and return to base first.
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