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pension plan

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pension planˈpension plan (also pension scheme British English) noun [countable]  BFBEan arrangement in which you pay money regularly into a pension fund while you are working, so that you will receive a pension
Examples from the Corpus
pension planIf you do not have a pension plan, when you eventually stop working your income will drop - perhaps dramatically.Once you have a pension plan, be sure to use a pension plan expert to help you keep your plan qualified.Popular options are repayment linked to either an endowment policy or a pension plan.Among other things, this raises the income limits for deducting contributions by a taxpayer with a pension plan.Present pension rules raise problems for workers who want to roll over money from one pension plan to another.
From Longman Business Dictionarypension planˈpension ˌplan (also retirement plan American English) noun [countable] FINANCEHUMAN RESOURCESINSURANCEa system by which an employer, insurance company etc provides workers with a pension after they have made regular payments over many yearsindividuals covered by a company pension planCongress has changed the laws governing private pension plans. contributory pension plan non-contributory pension plan
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