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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpensivepen‧sive /ˈpensɪv/ adjective  THINK ABOUTthinking a lot about something, especially because you are worried or sadthoughtful Jan looked pensive.pensively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
pensiveYou may, if you don't like trades unions, grow mildly pensive.He was a suspicious cat, wary of people getting pensive.Some Territorials who were standing near me became pensive.She appeared pensive and uneasy after the visit.The men looked pensive as the carriage approached the final leg of the trip to the big house on the hill.The tension dispelled as the two couples took small, pensive bites of their different servings.The cover art accurately reflects the content, which is often pensive, delicate and private.He kept looking over at her sad, pensive face.The expression on Vologsky's face was too serious and pensive for what he had in mind.a pensive moodAs he ended his trip, the usually upbeat Mr. Liebenow was in a pensive mood.Suddenly you seem very pensive, Paula.
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