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PentecostalPen‧te‧cos‧tal /ˌpentɪˈkɒstl◂ $ -ˈkɒːs-, -ˈkɑːs-/ (also Pentecostalist) adjective  RRCrelating to a group of Christian churches that believe in the Holy Spirit’s power, such as the power to cure diseasesPentecostalist noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
PentecostalMum and Dad are staunch Pentecostal church-goers, and will be all their lives.It should be said immediately that Robertson does not belong to a Pentecostal church.There are many people in classical Pentecostal churches and the renewal movement who are worried about an over-emphasis on exorcisms.The people who attend Pentecostal churches tend to be from the same population that plays the lottery.Most of these are Pentecostal congregations.But Swaggart remains an important figure for anyone who seeks to understand the appeal of the Pentecostal impulse.Healing, after all, is an integral part of the Pentecostal message everywhere.They speak with other tongues, which is embarrassing and distasteful to many non-members of the Pentecostal scene.
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