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penthousepent‧house /ˈpenthaʊs/ noun [countable]  DHHTBBa very expensive and comfortable apartment or set of rooms on the top floor of a building a £7 million London penthousepenthouse apartment/flat/suite
Examples from the Corpus
penthouseOne of my older sisters used to live in a penthouse apartment in Santa Monica.She lunched with glamorous peo-ple at the most talked-about restaurants and lived in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue.a penthouse apartment above Central ParkAnd there are penthouse suites aplenty.He and wife Diane have luxury homes in both countries as well as a rented penthouse in Lausanne.He's staying in the Dorchester's penthouse, which costs a whopping £2,500-a-night.You and your engineer will be fettered, and will pass the night here, in the penthouse.If Kili is a penitentiary, Bikini is the penthouse suite.From a Clipper, this is the penthouse.penthouse apartment/flat/suiteFinally his double-barrelled family had stepped in and bought the prodigal a mega-mineral cure and a penthouse flat.One of my older sisters used to live in a penthouse apartment in Santa Monica.The Palace was where Creed lived, in a penthouse suite on the fourteenth floor, so the idea made perfect sense.And there are penthouse suites aplenty.Hence their privileged presence in his penthouse flat.It was his first visit to Edouard de Chavigny's offices in the penthouse suite on the eighteenth floor.Fred Guy moved into the penthouse suite in November and now has one of the best views in Edinburgh.If Kili is a penitentiary, Bikini is the penthouse suite.
PenthousePenthouse trademark  a magazine for men which is known for its pictures of young women wearing very few clothes and its articles about sex
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