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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperper /; strong pɜː $ pər strong pɜːr/ ●●● S3 W1 preposition  1 per hour/day/week etc2 AMOUNTfor each How much does it cost per kilo? rooms costing £40 per night Admission is £9.95 per adult. My car does 12 miles per litre (=for each litre of petrol). The meal cost $25 per head (=for or by each person).3 as per something4 as per usual/normal per annum, per capita
Examples from the Corpus
perMy car gets about 30 miles per gallon.Oranges are 39 cents per pound.per headThe charge would be £4 per head. 7.Entry costs $55 per head.It failed; the loss on our government's business venture is around A$700 per head.These can often be made cheaper per head by squeezing one person more than recommended into the household.What about central bankers per head of population - supposing, which is not obvious, that bigger countries need bigger banks?And of the bottom ten states, ranked by income per head, seven are in the South.The latest World Bank figures for the the region show incomes per head still falling and life expectancy plunging due to Aids.Income per head there remains the lowest of all 50 states.Singles, doubles and trebles are available at £5 per head with optional pools available on the day.
From Longman Business Dictionaryperper /pə, pɜːpər, pɜːr/ preposition1for eachan average beef cattle price of $74.20 per hundred poundsThe price tag is $1500 per square foot of retail space.Earnings per share rose 12% to 31.3 pence.The Japanese have in recent years reported a higher income per person than the Americans.2per hour/day/week etc during each hour etcHow many calls do you make per day?a train travelling at 150 miles per hour see also as perPERPERFINANCE abbreviation for PRICE-EARNINGS RATIO
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