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per capita

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishper capitaper cap‧i‧ta /pə ˈkæpɪtə $ pər-/ adjective, adverb formal  PERSON/PEOPLEused to describe the average amount of something in a particular place, calculated according to the number of people who live there the country’s per capita income the number of crimes that occur per capita
Examples from the Corpus
per capitaPer capita income rose by 1.2% last year.
From Longman Business Dictionaryper capitaper cap‧i‧ta /pə ˈkæpətəpər-/ adverbECONOMICS for or by each personJapanese visitors’ spending per capita was much higher than average spending by tourists from other countries.The US uses twice as much oil per capita as European competitors.per-capita adjective [only before a noun]Israel’s per-capita income is comparable to that of Spain.
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