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per hour/day/week etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishper hour/day/week etcper hour/day/week etcSPEEDAMOUNTduring each hour etc The park attracts four million visitors per year.miles/kilometres per hour (=used for measuring speed) a speed limit of 40 miles per hour per
Examples from the Corpus
per hour/day/week etcPony treks from the East Farm are priced at £8 per hour, 7 days a week.Action potentials zip down axons at about 225 miles per hour.At room temperature, atoms normally fly around at speeds of hundreds or thousands of miles per hour.Make a conscious effort to drink less tea and coffee - about one or two cups per day.Prices vary enormously for group holidays but a typical price would be somewhere in the region of £25 per person per day.These couples averaged 2.44 copulations per week.A group of mums working on a one day per week rota can look after the arrangements for this.Singe bikes cost $ 3. 50 per hour, tandems $ 5 per hour.
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