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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpercentileper‧cen‧tile /pəˈsentaɪl $ pər-/ noun [countable] technical  one of 100 equal-sized parts that a group of people can be divided into – used especially when comparing people’s scores in a test or levels of health
Examples from the Corpus
percentileThe test scores can be expressed as standardised scores, age equivalents or as percentile ranks.These recent percentile curves are based on large, nationally representative samples of children.In general, children stay in the same percentile band they were in at birth.Figure 2 shows the percentile proliferation indices obtained with the two methods.Seven children who were above the third percentile had recently lost weight or were failing to thrive.Okay, uh, what is your percentile?
From Longman Business Dictionarypercentileper‧cen‧tile /pəˈsentaɪlpər-/ noun [countable]STATISTICS one hundredth of a set of things or people, arranged in order on a scaleOur employees’ pay is at the 90th percentile of that offered by similar companies (=it is higher than the pay offered by 90% of similar companies). see also decile, median, quartile
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