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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperceptiveper‧cep‧tive /pəˈseptɪv $ pər-/ adjective  NOTICEsomeone who is perceptive notices things quickly and understands situations, people’s feelings etc well – used to show approval a perceptive young man highly perceptive comments You’re right. That’s very perceptive of you.perceptively adverbperceptiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
perceptiveTom was too greedy, and not very perceptive.Would people with sharp ears have been so perceptive?I like her novels - she's so perceptive about people's relationships.Susan Zakin is the most perceptive and eloquent political columnist in print in Tucson and probably in the whole damn state.High school students are remarkably perceptive and fresh in their views.He was a perceptive and sophisticated man who was sensitive to other people's weaknesses.perceptive commentsSome people are just much more sensitive and perceptive in transmitting or receiving data than others.a perceptive observer of the political sceneHe was the most perceptive person she had ever met.Another perceptive point made by Swan is the possible relationship between kiln design and the type of fuel used.
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