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perch (yourself) on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperch (yourself) on somethingperch (yourself) on somethingHIGHto sit on top of something or on the edge of something Bobby had perched himself on a tall wooden stool.see thesaurus at sit perch
Examples from the Corpus
perch (yourself) on somethingThrush-sized, it perched on a bank.Manningham perched on a black leather stool by a well-stocked bar with a large mirror behind it.Her doorman was perched on a folding chair, his attention largely given over to a supermarket tabloid.It was perched on a small promontory to the east of the town, overlooking the bay.He had perched himself on a tall wooden stool.Léonie perched on the cold wet edge of the white bath and leaned forwards.He went straight into the bedroom, to the wall where the painted Asiatic doll was perched on the sideboard.He was perched on top of a huge cage, looking at the visitors.Waterlogged, he perched on top of the cabin and soon gurgled his song.
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