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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperemptorype‧remp‧to‧ry /pəˈremptəri/ adjective formal  RUDE/IMPOLITEperemptory behaviour, speech etc is not polite or friendly and shows that the person speaking expects to be obeyed immediately a peremptory demand for silenceperemptorily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
peremptoryThen each side can exercise 23 peremptory challenges, excusing jurors without having to cite a cause.Nevertheless, the peremptory dismissal of the book which established the modern discipline of macroeconomics is disconcerting.He is peremptory even with a doorbell button.If he found her tone peremptory he gave no sign of it.Then we get a peremptory phone call telling us we've got twenty-four hours to arrange a local arrest squad.a peremptory tone of voiceToday, uniformed warders break that first ethereal stillness with their peremptory warnings about smoking and taking pictures.Nabokov, who is exceedingly peremptory with all translators of Flaubert, renders this as whippet.
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