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perfect pitch

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perfect pitchˌperfect ˈpitch noun [uncountable]  APMthe ability to correctly name any musical note that you hear, or to sing any note at the correct pitch without the help of an instrument
Examples from the Corpus
perfect pitchThe woodwind maintained a perfect pitch and, like the strings and brass, produced a consistently voluptuous sound.In pastoral terms, the program had perfect pitch.Tom had perfect pitch and a wonderful recall and he could sing whole passages from Boccherini's aviary music.You had perfect pitch, my love.I have neither perfect pitch nor a head for mathematics, and anyway who wants to compute the speed of history?In essays on whisky-tasting, sheath knives, deer hunting, he has a kind of perfect pitch.Computer games that require a player to recognise perfect pitch might also help, Saffran says.But the five people in Saffran's group with perfect pitch had started learning aged four.
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