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perforatedper‧fo‧rat‧ed /ˈpɜːfəreɪtɪd $ ˈpɜːr-/ adjective  something that is perforated has a hole or holes cut or torn in it a perforated eardrum perforated coupons
Examples from the Corpus
perforatedPlant these in perforated baskets of soil and lower them carefully into place.A 72 year old woman died of a perforated colon 11 days after completing the trial, despite continuing prednisolone treatment.Courtaulds and Toray manufacture complementary types of spinnerettes, the perforated components through which fluids are forced to create fibres.They put the insect into a tin with a perforated lid.Tear along the perforated line and return the bottom part of the form.a perforated sheet of stampsThe perforated slips are then torn off and placed in the pay envelopes of the employees.One of these presented with a perforated small bowel lymphoma and died shortly after diagnosis.The top was perforated, so some one else must have a copy.Use a perforated spatula to stir the mixture.Inside is a plastic platform which is perforated to allow liquids to seep through to the tank in the bottom.The upper is made of leather with a perforated vamp.
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