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perform well/badly etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperform well/badly etcperform well/badly etca) PERFORMto work or do something well, badly etcunderperform Many religious schools perform well academically. The team performed poorly on Saturday. b) if a product, business etc performs well or badly, it makes a lot of money or very little money The economy is performing well. perform
Examples from the Corpus
perform well/badly etcAnthony Record, Britannia's chairman, said Actron had overcome its problems and was performing well.Organizations need some degree of structure to perform well.To perform well a team needs a range of roles in its make-up.This propellant combination performs well and permits a fairly compact vehicle design.Yet these stocks performed well in both.All this works only if Hanson's headquarters performs well in its non-executive role.After they had performed well in the role, these women made prestigious marriages, as does Cinderella.Is a nominated subcontractor really likely to perform better than the subcontractor's own subcontractor?
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