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per‧form‧ance S3 W1
1 [countable]
AP when someone performs a play or a piece of music
performance of
Stern's performance of the Bruch concerto
The orchestra will give two more performances this week.
This evening's performance will begin at 8.00 pm.
memorable/brilliant/inspired etc performance
Franklin gave a memorable performance at last year's festival.
a live performance by the local band Indigo
2 [uncountable and countable] how well or badly a person, company etc does a particular job or activity:
a training program to improve employees' performance
Sean's performance at school has greatly improved.
the country's economic performance
poor/good performance
an employee's chances of being fired for poor performance
Exam results are used as performance indicators (=things that show how well something is done) for schools.
3 [uncountable] the act of doing a piece of work, duty etc
performance of
the performance of his official duties
4 [uncountable]TTTE how well a car or other machine works:
The car's performance on mountain roads was impressive.
an imaging system using high-performance (=very effective) technology

a performance

British English spoken a process that takes a lot of unnecessary time and effort:
Shopping at the markets turned out to be quite a performance.

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