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performing arts

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperforming artsperˌforming ˈarts noun   the performing arts
Examples from the Corpus
performing artsWinnarainbow is a circus and performing arts camp co-founded 22 years ago by the tie-dyed Gravy.Her responsibilities extended to cover the creative and performing arts, communication and cultural studies, and recreation and sports studies.In all, more than 280,000 visited the center, including 165,000 people in the performing arts.In the performing arts department, a newly instituted internship program helped reduce labor costs.Manifestations Gifts Creative talents in arts, literature, the performing arts.Our aim is to make the performing arts, museums and our heritage accessible to all.The free performances will take place on one of two new stages in the Grand Foyer of the performing arts complex.Proceedings around the Biennial this year give a new prominence to performing arts.