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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperfunctoryper‧func‧to‧ry /pəˈfʌŋktəri $ pər-/ adjective formal  FAST/QUICKEXPECTa perfunctory action is done quickly, and is only done because people expect it She gave him a perfunctory smile. The applause was perfunctory.perfunctorily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
perfunctorya perfunctory apologyI could probably live with it, but really this perfunctory business belongs out of sight.You put in a coin, a wand twirls, and a brief selection of perfunctory destinies is on offer.Rochford did it with an almost perfunctory efficiency.If the national government had seemed perfunctory in its response to the threats against Baker, it seemed oblivious to his death.Thomas's mind seemed to be elsewhere, and there was no perfunctory laugh in return.A 6-3 third set lasted only 26 perfunctory minutes.Rick is assigned a perfunctory review of the Cindy Liggett case.
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