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pergolaper‧go‧la /ˈpɜːɡələ $ ˈpɜːr-/ noun [countable]  DLGHBPa structure made of posts built for plants to grow over in a garden
Examples from the Corpus
pergolaThe patio gets a southern exposure, and a pergola shades about 75 percent of the midday sun.Imagine the effect of a pergola, ablaze with laburnum.A good plant for shade, it makes an attractive edging to the border under our pergola.Wisteria branches, for example, eventually grow to tree-size width and are meant for the sturdiest pergolas and arbors.They find it difficult to build a home for their babies in a Dimmock water feature or a teak pergola.They finished their drinks and as they got up from the table Fernando plucked a sprig of jasmine from the pergola.Their pool was oval-shaped and illuminated at night by carriage-lamps, fixed to the posts of the pergola which surrounded it.To provide vertical emphasis and break the line of those surrounding walls, pergolas and a rose covered arbour have been introduced.
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