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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperhapsper‧haps /pəˈhæps, præps $ pər-, præps/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 MAYBEused to say that something may be true, but you are not sure syn maybe Perhaps she’s next door. Perhaps it will snow tomorrow. It won’t take so long next time, perhaps. ‘I don’t think you understand.’ ‘Well, perhaps not.’RegisterIn everyday English, people usually use may or might rather than use perhaps it/she/they etc will:It might snow tomorrow.2 used to give your opinion, when you do not want to be too definite syn maybe This is perhaps her finest novel yet. The industrial revolution was, perhaps, the most important event in history.3 MAYBEused to say that a number is only a guess syn maybe The room was large, perhaps 20 feet square. Perhaps 200 people were there.4 spokenSUGGEST used to politely ask or suggest something, or say what you are going to do syn maybe I thought perhaps we’d have lunch in the garden.
Examples from the Corpus
perhapsIt was a big space, perhaps 60 by 80 feet.The problem can perhaps be addressed from the standpoint of theory.Perhaps I could transfer you to our customer service department.I wonder if perhaps I offended him somehow.If conscience can not turn the tide, perhaps it is the panic of self-interest which will finally do the job.Perhaps it'll be warmer tomorrow.Well, perhaps it will and perhaps it won't.Seen at the level of individual choices there is perhaps nothing remarkable about this shift from fringe to mainstream.Perhaps their biggest problem is that they don't have enough to do.It was perhaps unfortunate that in verbal controversy with T. H. Huxley he was less careful.But perhaps we can waive our definitions and come to an understanding on the basis of an adjustment in the rent.This has been planned for weeks. Perhaps you can change the other meeting.Or perhaps you can redirect already capable people.perhaps notIt is perhaps not fortuitous that Stein made the enormous effort to revive the publication when he did.I am somewhat overstating this implication, but perhaps not greatly so.Atlanta is heaven, perhaps not in the strictest Baptist sense, for the young and eager of the region.Yet the matter is perhaps not quite so straight forward as this.At second glance, Thanet, South is perhaps not such a typical Tory seat.It is perhaps not surprising that such an interpretation should come to the fore in the implementation of normalisation.It is very easy to pick up a meaning from a metaphor which was perhaps not the one intended.
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