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perilousper‧il‧ous /ˈperələs/ adjective literary or formal  PMEDGEvery dangerous a perilous journey across the mountainssee thesaurus at dangerous
Examples from the Corpus
perilousThe gnarled tree trunks-white mulberry and rich brown acacia-formed a perilous and nearly impenetrable net.Nationalism - from Prague to Paris, from Berlin to Budapest - is a potent, perilous brew.Louis in Conestoga wagons and traveled across the vast, perilous country in search of a better life in the West.It was a most perilous enterprise, but everything for him depended on it.Blondin soon became famous as a rope-dancer. Nothing was too perilous for him to attempt.No feat was too perilous for him to attempt.A perilous leap to the edge was followed by a difficult scramble over slimy rock faces.a perilous mountain roadThey forgot Mary, forgot everything except their own perilous plight.Refugees cross the rugged San Ysidro mountains, and it is always a perilous trip.But much more sorry that you have behaved in such an improper and perilous way.
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