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perimeterpe‧rim‧e‧ter /pəˈrɪmɪtə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 EDGEthe border around an enclosed area such as a military campperimeter of the perimeter of the airfieldperimeter fence/wall A mine blew a hole in the perimeter wall.see thesaurus at edge2 MBthe whole length of the border around an area or shapeperimeter of Calculate the perimeter of the rectangle. circumference
Examples from the Corpus
perimetera perimeter fenceThe road continues past the buildings and after ¾ mile the trail runs off through the trees to the forest perimeter.We had dug in that night on perimeter, and it started raining.A secure perimeter fence should be at least two metres high.Adjust the starting point so that you avoid a very narrow margin at the perimeter.But the perimeter was small and surrounded by forest.By the year 2001 the tracks will circle the perimeter of the short-term parking garage roof in the middle of the loop.The men ate in a large tent outside the perimeter of the fence.Security guards patrol the perimeter.When the nine pins were in place, Brown joined up the perimeter of the area they bounded.the perimeter of the airfieldperimeter fence/wallThree men wearing balaclava-type masks dragged him to a perimeter fence where the attack took place.The inner Zones 1 and 2 are enclosed by a 19-mile perimeter fence.She too looks like a retired person, retired from the turbulence beyond the perimeter wall.There was no exit in the perimeter fence and the gates in the side fence were locked.Keeping the perimeter fence a few yards away on his left, Angel One loped silently along until he reached its north-western limit.Centred in East Anglia, the Snowball Campaign involved a symbolic cutting of the perimeter fence at air-force bases around the country.His eyes roved to the perimeter fences where the lights still shone as if in defiance of the coming day.
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