Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: période, from Latin, from Greek, from peri- ( PERICARDIUM) + hodos 'way'


1 noun
pe‧ri‧od1 S3 W1 [countable]

length of time

a particular length of time with a beginning and an end:
Tomorrow's weather will be dry with sunny periods.
period of
His playing improved in a very short period of time.
a brief period of silence
The drug was tested over a five-week period.
They adopted the system for a trial period (=time in which something is tested to see if it works well).


a particular time in someone's life or in history:
the conflict of the Cold War period
Van Gogh's early period
the Jurassic period
the behaviour of children during the period of adolescence


HBH the flow of blood that comes from a woman's body each month [↪ menstrual period]:
I was twelve years old when I started my periods.


American EnglishSLA the mark (.), used in of writing to show the end of a sentence or of an abbreviation [= full stop British English]


SES one of the equal parts that the school day is divided into [= lesson British English]
What class do you have first period?
period of
a double period of Science


one of the equal parts that a game is divided into in a sport such as ice hockey:
The Bruins scored twice in the first period.

for emphasis


American English spoken used to emphasize that you have made a decision and that you do not want to discuss the subject any more [= full stop!]:
I'm not going, period!

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