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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperiodontalper‧i‧o‧don‧tal /ˌperiəʊˈdɒntl $ -oʊˈdɑːn-/ adjective technical  relating to the part of the mouth at the base of the teeth periodontal disease
Examples from the Corpus
periodontalAs would be expected, those without teeth at baseline were older than those who had teeth, regardless of periodontal class.Men with periodontitis had more than a twofold increased risk of dying compared with men who had no periodontal disease at baseline.Total mortality and each of the outcomes of coronary heart disease increased as severity of periodontal disease increased.The biological mechanism by which periodontal disease or poor oral hygiene could lead to coronary heart disease is not clearly established.The same laser already is approved for surgery on soft tissue, such as gum surgery for periodontal disease.For the periodontal index the results reflected the findings with the periodontal classification.
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