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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperipateticper‧i‧pa‧tet‧ic /ˌperəpəˈtetɪk◂/ adjective formal  TRAVELtravelling from place to place, especially in order to do your job a peripatetic music teacher
Examples from the Corpus
peripateticHis career in the decade that followed was peripatetic.Until well into the sixteenth century the royal court and its functionaries were peripatetic.This pattern of living was reproduced wherever the peripatetic court might settle.Where a teacher is peripatetic in a school building it is much more difficult to display materials and motivate pupil contributions.Can you take the peripatetic lifestyle that many entrepreneurs find so essential?a peripatetic lifestyleThe relationship between sedentary and peripatetic peoples had no doubt always required diplomacy but these days it could be explosive.peripatetic priests who ministered to several villagesSurely no topic would seem to be less down the alley of this intellectually peripatetic social scientist.
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