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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperipherype‧riph‧e‧ry /pəˈrɪfəri/ noun (plural peripheries) formal  1 [countable usually singular]OUT/OUTSIDE the edge of an areaperiphery of the periphery of the crowdon/at the periphery a residential area on the periphery of the city outskirts2 on/at the periphery (of something)
Examples from the Corpus
peripheryAs the wave reaches the cell periphery, enough calcium may diffuse across to activate the neighbouring cell.Nor was this simply on the eastern periphery.Rural development in the Western Isles periphery depends heavily on finance from the mainland centre.Moss moved on the broken trees at the periphery of the golf grass.There would be clashes on the periphery but none between the major powers.That's always a very easy thing to do on the periphery.The Ministry of Economic Warfare hung on the periphery and stirred the witches' brew.This would argue for considerable community organization and official control of the division and leasing of land on the urban periphery.periphery ofstores on the periphery of downtown
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