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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpermeableper‧me‧a‧ble /ˈpɜːmiəbəl $ ˈpɜːr-/ adjective technical  CSmaterial that is permeable allows water, gas etc to pass through it opp impermeable the permeable cell membranepermeability /ˌpɜːmiəˈbɪləti $ ˌpɜːr-/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
permeableBesides, the boundaries of the leprosarium were permeable, and surveillance at the federal level was almost nonexistent.If the soil is permeable enough radon can diffuse out before it decays.Layers of rock that are porous and permeable enough to store water and let it flow through them easily are called aquifers.The picture of the permeable family may lead one to think Elkind wishes for the return of the old model.a permeable membraneSuch rocks are said to be permeable; sandstones and gravels are good examples of permeable rocks.A membrane selectively permeable to gases separates the buffer from the blood sample.The proximal tubule is freely permeable to water, and water freely follows the absorbed solutes.
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