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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpermissibleper‧mis‧si‧ble /pəˈmɪsəbəl $ pər-/ adjective formal  LET/ALLOWallowed by law or by the rules syn allowable opp impermissible the maximum permissible level of radiation
Examples from the Corpus
permissibleAs long as any advert does not bring the profession into disrepute nor is in bad taste then it is permissible.Sometimes I make a point of not saying the pledge at all, just to make sure abstention remains permissible.No plant has any right to talk of safe amounts and permissible amounts.It becomes permissible to import toilers with swarthy skins who speak unintelligible languages.Moreover, it is permissible to make objects multi-functional, for example where a speed-bump is designed also to attract children's play.Is it permissible to vary assignments, to expect less from certain students while demanding more from others?The use of racial preferences is not permissible under the new law.What is, and what is not, permissible varies with time and place.If reference to Hansard is not permissible, what is the true construction?
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