Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: permittere 'to let through, allow'


1 verb
per‧mit1 W3 past tense and past participle permitted, present participle permitting formal
1 [transitive] to allow something to happen, especially by an official decision, rule, or law:
Smoking is only permitted in the public lounge.
permit somebody to do something
As a punishment, she was not permitted to attend any school activities.
permit something in/near etc something
Dogs are not permitted inside the shop.
permit somebody something
The bill would permit workers twelve weeks of unpaid leave for family emergencies.
He had more than the permitted level of alcohol in his blood.
2 [intransitive and transitive] to make it possible for something to happen:
The large windows permit a clear view of the lake.
permit somebody to do something
The moon permitted me to see a little way into the distance.
I'll see you after the meeting, if time permits (=if it finishes early enough).
We'll have a picnic at the beach, weather permitting (=if the weather is good enough).

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