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perpetual motion

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperpetual motionperˌpetual ˈmotion noun [uncountable]  the ability of a machine to always continue moving without getting energy from anywhere else, which is not considered possible
Examples from the Corpus
perpetual motionThe cyclical exchange of payments for factors of production and payments for final goods becomes a perpetual motion machine.And you were accusing me of being a perpetual motion merchant.Then, my dear Summerlee, it is that most wonderful of devices: a perpetual motion machine!This administration is a perpetual motion mess.Within the Boundless, which is in perpetual motion, worlds, including our world, come into being and pass away.It was in perpetual motion up to and including the moment they all sat in each other's seats.The brash internet entrepreneurs of a year ago seemed to think they had discovered the financial equivalent of perpetual motion.Earthquakes line the borders of the tectonic plates and are symptoms of the perpetual motion inside our planet.
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