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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperplexityper‧plex‧i‧ty /pəˈpleksəti $ pər-/ noun (plural perplexities)  1 [uncountable]CONFUSED the feeling of being confused or worried by something you cannot understand2 [countable usually plural]COMPLICATED something that is complicated or difficult to understand moral perplexities
Examples from the Corpus
perplexityThey looked at each other in evident perplexity.The procession wound through the town, heralded by music and laughter, leaving perplexity and sadness in its wake.Here, in consequence, is the source of perplexity and debate.Bernard was in a torment of perplexity.In our perplexity Bohr is at hand to help us.I sat in the dim light, hushed and amazed at my own perplexity.Holmes halted before the next exhibit in some perplexity.There was perplexity in both their faces.
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