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PersianPer‧sian1 /ˈpɜːʃən, -ʒən $ ˈpɜːrʒən/ adjective  SANSGrelating to Iran, its people, or its language, especially in the time when it was called Persia the Persian Empire a Persian carpet
Examples from the Corpus
PersianIn my eyes it was a Persian carpet.Another range of more finely knotted items are made in Persian designs.The sect did use assassination as a highly effective weapon, however, against other Persian groups.In other accounts, Pliny the Elder wrote that Persian women massaged their faces with yogurt to prevent wrinkles.Naturalistic versions were found on older Caucasian items, and may still be encountered on some contemporary Persian workshop items.
Related topics: Nationality & race, Languages
PersianPersian2 noun  1 SAN[countable] someone from Iran, especially in the time when it was called Persia2 SLL[uncountable] the language used in Iran syn Farsi
Examples from the Corpus
PersianIn addition to the cuneiform inscriptions of Old Persian, there was also a closely related liturgical language known as Avestan.Suddenly the Persian came up behind him and took his arm.
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