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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpersistenceper‧sis‧tence /pəˈsɪstəns $ pər-/ ●○○ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 determination to do something even though it is difficult or other people oppose it Her persistence paid off when she was offered the job of manager. ‘Why can’t I come?’ repeated Will with dogged persistence.2 when something continues to exist or happen, especially for longer than is usual or desirablepersistence of the persistence of high unemployment in the post-war years
Examples from the Corpus
persistenceAlongside stubbornness and negativism, the defiant child has enormous energy and persistence.The transition to democracy and market economies will call for much patience and persistence.His persistence finally paid off this year with an award for best actor.The key, says Andersen, is persistence.But there are also biological reasons for its persistence.His victory here was a tribute to his quiet persistence in an intriguing struggle in the hot afternoon sunshine.But Cardiff's persistence was rewarded with an injury-time try by Jeffreys which Rayer converted.To this day I credit James's persistence in not letting us slip away or fall apart.It was Stu's persistence that wore me down.the persistence of inequalitiesdogged persistenceOnly sheer dogged persistence will finally get you there.She was swamped by a wave of impotent anger at and violent dislike for the man whose dogged persistence bordered on persecution.They ate outside but the flies, with dogged persistence, spoiled their food.
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