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personal space

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpersonal spaceˌpersonal ˈspace noun [uncountable]  the distance that you like to keep between you and other people in order to feel comfortable, for example when you are talking to someone or travelling on a bus or train She objected to this invasion of her personal space.
Examples from the Corpus
personal spaceBut personal space is also an issue in outer space.She objected to this invasion of her personal space.At the other end of the scale for maintaining personal space was, ironically, the Open and Welcoming Approach.The fact is that at Preston station I lost my personal space.Terri's personal space occupied an area roughly the size of Mull and therefore required vigorous defences.But perhaps the demise of the days of the personal space tactics is not all bad.Administrators, not teachers, are those blessed with personal space and offices.There used to be techniques for keeping your personal space personal; the sort of essential info that every seasoned traveller knows.invasion of ... personal spaceShe objected to this invasion of her personal space.
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