Date: 1300-1400
Language: Medieval Latin
Origin: perspectiva, from perspectivus 'of sight', from Latin perspicere 'to look through, see clearly'


Related topics: Visual, Painting and Drawing
per‧spec‧tive W3
1 [countable] a way of thinking about something, especially one which is influenced by the type of person you are or by your experiences [↪ viewpoint]
perspective on
His father's death gave him a whole new perspective on life.
from somebody's perspective
The novel is written from a child's perspective.
from a feminist/Christian/global etc perspective
We have to look at everything from an international perspective.
wider/broader perspective
Our work in Uganda and Romania adds a wider perspective.
2 [uncountable] a sensible way of judging and comparing situations so that you do not imagine that something is more serious than it really is:
I think Viv's lost all sense of perspective.
The figures have to be put into perspective.
get/keep something in perspective (=judge the importance of something correctly)
3 [uncountable]AVP a method of drawing a picture that makes objects look solid and shows distance and depth, or the effect this method produces in a picture:
the artist's use of perspective
4 [countable] formal a view, especially one in which you can see a long way into the distance

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