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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpersuasiveper‧sua‧sive /pəˈsweɪsɪv $ pər-/ ●○○ adjective  PERSUADEable to make other people believe something or do what you askconvincing Trevor can be very persuasive.persuasive argument/evidence a persuasive argument against capital punishmentpersuasively adverbpersuasiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
persuasiveDiane can be very persuasive.Their advertising was persuasive and their prices attractive, on the surface, so I fell for it like so many others.A persuasive argument that democracy can and should be based on active and extensive participation by the citizenry.persuasive arguments.Barratt's argument was persuasive, but the managers still turned down his proposal.He made a persuasive case for making the changes.We found no persuasive evidence of illegal activity.Abandon wait for taxi, hoist bags over shoulder and trudge to site where minivans transport officials and persuasive hangers-on to tournament.But investigators found the supporting accounts by Kennedy's friends and colleagues to be specific and persuasive, Pentagon officials said.Consider how easy it is to be misled by the persuasive power of apparent proof.So persuasive she could consider diverting into management consultancy.He is a very persuasive speaker.In fact, the sound is so wonderfully persuasive that it supersedes the logic of the lyrics.Like most politicians, she can be very persuasive when she wants to be.persuasive argument/evidenceBut the core of Labour's complaint is that the press influenced its readers by lies and distortions rather than by persuasive argument.The growing burden of paperwork is persuasive evidence of bureaucratic indifference to the economic consequences of red. tape.We find that a persuasive argument, should we need any further persuasion beyond the plain wording of the Act.A persuasive argument that democracy can and should be based on active and extensive participation by the citizenry.He took me to such a vastly expensive restaurant and gave such a persuasive argument that I was fairly undone.There is a persuasive argument that it was not.But Haig had persuasive arguments to support his inflexible resolve.The preservationists, pinning their faith to moral superiority and persuasive argument, were beaten back every time.
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