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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpertpert /pɜːt $ pɜːrt/ adjective  1 ATTRACTa girl or woman who is pert is amusing, but slightly disrespectful Angie gave him one of her pert little glances.2 a pert part of the body is small, firm, and attractive a pert bottompertly adverbpertness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
pertAll these fishes are seemingly quite pert and inquisitive.a pert answerDoes that pert chit you were escorting home satisfy you, Neil?She wore pert green velvet slippers and a lovely sea green robe.What they wanted was a pert nose, blue eyes, strawberry hair, and height.Katie is a pert outgoing young woman.So, why the pert questions?A wren scrabbled in leaf litter a few yards away: tiny, rufous-brown, pert tailed.Known in her youth as Conie, she was pert, voluble, intellectually vibrant, adventuresome.Lady Maude, small and pert, was cheerful as a little sparrow, welcoming Benedicta like a long lost sister.

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