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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperturbedper‧turbed /pəˈtɜːbd $ pərˈtɜːrbd/ adjective formal  WORRIEDworried about something that has happened or will happen William looked a little perturbed.perturbed by/at/about He didn’t seem perturbed by the noises outside.perturbed that He was perturbed that she didn’t look happy.perturb verb [transitive] My unexpected arrival didn’t perturb him in the least.
Examples from the Corpus
perturbedWhen Fabio did not come home on the Friday night, Rosa was surprised but not perturbed.She sat looking bored and didn't seem perturbed about the noises around them.She seemed a little perturbed by these rumors.perturbed by/at/aboutManuel, however, isn't perturbed at all by Wells' tardiness.Hepatocyte function in disease may be perturbed by degradation of the normal matrix and its replacement with interstitial collagens by activated lipocytes.They can therefore be perturbed by gravitational interactions with Mars into orbits that directly threaten Earth.Upper states can also be perturbed by Jahn-Teller distortions.Sister Marcus had looked perturbed by my night report.She sat looking bored and didn't seem perturbed about the noises around them.He was slightly perturbed by this but eventually found it very funny because rehearsals became very convivial.
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