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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeskypes‧ky /ˈpeski/ adjective [only before noun] especially American English informal  ANNOYannoying Those pesky kids!
Examples from the Corpus
peskyThe families of these pesky believers were then permitted to join them.It also may be because she polishes her work to a high sheen, sometimes buffing away a pesky fact or two.Some force deep within truly wants to believe aliens cured that Montana farmer of his pesky hernia problem.For example, we hoped to do away with those pesky Internet addresses.Our culture also cautions women not to raise pesky issues of parenting lest they frighten men off-men being notoriously reluctant fathers.Now I come to think about it, that pesky Lad was dancing about somewhere outside.The beauty of the Taco Loco is that it is like a large taco salad without all that pesky lettuce.pesky reporters
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