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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpesope‧so /ˈpeɪsəʊ $ -soʊ/ noun (plural pesos) [countable]  PEWthe standard unit of money in the Philippines and in various Latin American countries including Mexico, Cuba, and Colombia
Examples from the Corpus
pesoShares of Telmex were down 0.50 percent to 16.02 pesos.Anyway, in the end I made 1,800 pesos on the funeral.Try to pay in pesos, because ticket sellers, like everyone else, usually set an unfair exchange rate for dollars.Others withdrew billions more, driving down the peso in a speculative panic.The cost of servicing these liabilities would soar if the peso were devalued.A large real depreciation of the peso has also helped, boosting exports in 1995 by over 30 percent in dollar terms.At the same time the peso was devalued by 600 % and inflation soared over consumers' purchasing power declined.All I took was the three pesos for the room.
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